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We are currently out of the office, working at the "Road to California" show in California.   Shipments will resume when we return to  the office early February.

Welcome to

Pins, Charms, & Charm Holders! Oh My!

roadtripcharmholderwithcharms2.jpg Road Trip Charm Holder, BLUE

Charm holder ready to fill with all your Road Trip finds! Charms sold separately.


InPinityFabricPanel Inpinity Printed Fabric Panel
1005- Zebra SKU
Price includes shipping in the USA. Click for more information.
Car Applique Pattern Take a Ride In My Car Pattern Sheet
1005-TQC633 SKU
Price includes shipping in USA. Click for more information.
JustSewPinHolderNewcolor52015.jpg Just Sew Magnetic Needle Minder
17605 SKU
ModernQuiltPinLimitedEdition.jpg Modern Quilt Pin
2792C SKU
2015PIN.jpg 2015 Limited Edition PIN
2984 SKU
QuiltDivaBROWN.jpg Quilt Diva pin, Ethnic
BearPawPin.jpg Bear Paw Pin
03 SKU
CathedralWindowpinModernColors Cathedral Window Pin, new MODERN colors!
18 SKU
Fresh and Bright!
20aohiostar.jpg Ohio Star Pin
TumbleBlocksPIN.jpg Tumble Blocks Pin
25 SKU
Quilt of Hope Pin.jpg Quilt of Hope Pin
$5.75 $4.75 On Sale!
DresdenPlatePIN.jpg Dresden Plate Pin
BridesWreathNewColors2012.jpg Bride's Wreath Pin
70 SKU
150handsallaround.jpg Hands All Around Pin
150 SKU
157logcabin.jpg Log Cabin Pin
157 SKU
169rflowerbasket.jpg Flower Basket Pin, red
169R SKU
228LemoyneStarnewColors.jpg LeMoyne Star Pin
228 SKU
234rloosethreads.jpg Loose Threads Pin, red
234R SKU
234PLooseThreadspurple.jpg Loose Threads Pin, purple
234P SKU
234G LooseThreadsgreen.jpg Loose Threads Pin, green
234G SKU
345rsunbonnetsue.jpg Sunbonnet Sue Pin, red
345R SKU
HexieFlowerGardenPin.jpg Hexie Flower Garden Pin
347 SKU
You will love the fresh modern colors on this traditional quilt design!
370overallbill.jpg Overall Bill Pin
370 SKU
370aamishbill.jpg Amish Bill
370A SKU
goinsewingblue.jpg Goin' Sewin Pin, blue
377B SKU
goinsewinred.jpg Goin' Sewin Pin, red
377R SKU
goinsewinyellow.jpg Goin' Sewin Pin, yellow
377Y SKU
419unitedwestitch.jpg United We Stitch Pin
419 SKU
SevenSistersNewColors.jpg Seven Sisters Pin
422 SKU
512roseofsharon.jpg Rose of Sharon Pin
512 SKU
513redpatchheart.jpg Red Patched Heart Pin
513A SKU
PatchedHeartDark.jpg Patched Heart, Dark
513D SKU
517aangelinflight.jpg Angel In Flight Pin
517A SKU
521newsewingbasket.jpg Sewing Basket Pin
521 SKU
700thimble.jpg Thimble Pin
700 SKU
YellowBrokenRulerPin.jpg Yellow Broken Ruler Pin
520 SKU
734heartinhand.jpg Heart In Hand Pin
734 SKU
CarolinaLilyNEWcolors2013.jpg Carolina Lily Pin
749C SKU
968pincushion.jpg Pin Cushion Pin
968 SKU
SquareInASquarePIN.jpg Square in a Square Pin
3005 SKU
14488friendshipstar.jpg Friendship Star Pin
14488 SKU
14614storkscissors.jpg Stork Scissors Pin
14614 SKU
1516lamb.jpg Wooly Sheep Pin
1516 SKU
15438monkeywrench.jpg Monkey Wrench Pin
15439 SKU
FeatheredStarNewColors.jpg Feathered Star Pin
15861 SKU
1694apennyrug.jpg Penny Rug Pin, brown
1694A SKU
1694bpennyrug.jpg Penny Rug Pin, black
1694B SKU
2033sampler.jpg Sampler Pin
2033 SKU
2080wquiltaholics.jpg Quiltaholics Pin, white
2080W SKU
2080bquiltaholics.jpg Quiltaholics Pin, black
2080B SKU
IrishChainPINBright.jpg Irish Chain pin
2234 SKU
Fabricaholics.jpg Fabricaholics Pin
2277 SKU
2371UFOPin.jpg UFO pin
2371 SKU
KaleidoscopeMandalaPin.jpg Kaleidoscope Mandala Pin
2602 SKU

JewelBoxPin.jpg Jewel Box Pin
2837 SKU
StormAtSeaPin.jpg Storm At Sea Pin
2839 SKU
2104gwpinbuddywire.jpg PIN BUDDY CHARM HOLDER SET,gold (LIMITED SUPPLY)
2104GW SKU

We have limited supplies in stock.  This item will be retired when all are sold. 

QuiltBarnCharmHolder.jpg.jpg Quilt Barn Charm Holder
17262 SKU

Charm holder is shown here with charms. Charms are sold separately. 

ShopHopCharmHolderWithCharms.jpg Shop Hop Charm Holder
16597SH SKU

Charm holder is shown here with charms. Charms are sold separately.

SewingMachineCharmHolderWith4Charms.jpg Sewing Machine charm holder
16653 SKU

Charm Holder is shown here with charms, sold separately.  

Just4FunNEWCOLORSwithcharmsLARGE.jpg Just 4 Fun Charm Holder, new colors
17001 SKU

Charm holder is shown here with charms. Charms are sold separately.


BluebonnetCharmHolderWithCharms.jpg BlueBonnet Charm Holder, LIMITED QUANTITIES
17700 SKU

Charm holder is shown here with charms. Charms are sold separately.

1018 Rondelle Spacers for Charm Holders.jpg Rondelle Spacers for Charm Holders
1018 SKU

Use these little "rondelle" spacer beads to space the charms on our Charm Holders and Pin Buddies. 24 pieces per pack.  

 Charm Holder with Rondelle Spacers.jpg

Rondelles are shown here with our Quilt Barn Charm Holder and charms, as example only.  Charms and charm holders are sold separately. 

keyringteardrop1032SPLT.jpg Keyring teardrop shape split ring

BAG BLING!  Add a charm to make a perfect gift! click on image for more information. CHARMS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.



SewingAngelCHARM.jpg Sewing Angel CHARM
2934 SKU
LilyBouquetCHARM.jpg Lily Bouquet CHARM, NEW!
2884 SKU
FlowerButtonCHARM.jpg Button Flower CHARM
2842A SKU
PinwheelCHARMlightblue.jpg Pinwheel CHARM, light blue
2531 light blue SKU
QueenBeeCHARM.jpg Queen Bee Charm
2724 SKU
RoseOfSharonCHARM.jpg Rose Of Sharon CHARM
2672 SKU
RotaryCutterCHARM.jpg Rotary Cutter CHARM
2375 SKU
2352RSchoolhouseCHARMred.jpg Schoolhouse CHARM, red
2352A SKU
2529ScissorsCHARM.jpg Scissors CHARM
2529 SKU
SnowflakeCHARM.jpg Snowflake CHARM
2665 SKU
spoolCHARMGreen.jpg Spool CHARM, green
2351G SKU
SpoolCHARMPurple.jpg Spool CHARM, Purple
2351P SKU
SpoolCHARMred.jpg Spool CHARM, red
2351R SKU
spoolCHARMTeal.jpg Spool CHARM, turquoise
2351T SKU
2068squareinsquarecharm.jpg Square In A Square CHARM
2068A SKU
StormAtSeaCHARM.jpg Storm At Sea CHARM
2840 SKU
SunbonnetSueCHARMblue.jpg Sunbonnet Sue CHARM, blue
2601B SKU
SunbonnetSueCHARMred.jpg Sunbonnet Sue CHARM, red
2601R SKU
TumbleblocksCHARM.jpg Tumbleblocks CHARM
2518 SKU
WeddingRingCHARM.jpg Wedding Ring CHARM
2816 SKU
2035bearpawcharm.jpg Bear Paw CHARM
2035 SKU
Bobbin CHARM.jpg Bobbin CHARM
2723 SKU
BusCharm Bus CHARM
2860 SKU
Did somebody say "Bus Trip?"
2066carolinalilycharm.jpg Carolina Lily CHARM
2066 SKU
ChristmasOrnamentCharm.jpg Christmas Ornament CHARM
2765 SKU
CrossCHARM.jpg Cross CHARM
2817 SKU
cupcakeCHARM.jpg Cupcake CHARM
2657 SKU
DogwoodCHARM.jpg Dogwood CHARM
2809 SKU
DresenPlateCHARM.jpg Dresden Plate CHARM
2519 SKU
2036dutchmancharm.jpg Dutchman's Puzzle CHARM
2036 SKU
2067eightpointedstarcharm.jpg Eight-Pointed Star CHARM
2067 SKU
FlamingoCHARM.jpg Flamingo CHARM
2355 SKU
FlipFlopCharmTurquoise.jpg Flip Flop Charm, turquoise
2380B Turquoise SKU
2233flowerbasketcharm.jpg Flower Basket CHARM
2233 SKU
FriendshipStarCharm.jpg Friendship Star CHARM
2727 SKU
FunnyFishCHARM.jpg Funny Fish CHARM
2551 SKU
blackhappycat.jpg Happy Cat Charm, Black
2521B SKU
HeartofHopeCHARM.jpg Heart of Hope CHARM
$5.25 $4.25 On Sale!
2353E SKU
2477IrishChainCHARM.jpg Irish Chain CHARM
2477 SKU
JewelBoxCHARM.jpg Jewel Box CHARM
2838 SKU
2236lemoynestarcharm.jpg LeMoyne Star CHARM
2236 SKU
2037CLogCabin1.jpg Log Cabin CHARM - NEW COLOR
2037C SKU
2037logcabincharm.jpg Log Cabin CHARM, browns
2037 SKU
measuringtapecharm.jpg Measuring Tape Charm
2725 SKU
PatchedHeartCHARMred.jpg Patched Heart CHARM, red
2353A SKU
2656 SKU
PinCushionCHARM.jpg Pin Cushion CHARM
2350 SKU
2177handsallaroundcharm.jpg Hands All Around CHARM
2177 SKU
ThimbleCHARMPurple.jpg Thimble CHARM, purple
2356B SKU
HexieFlowerGardenCharm.jpg Hexie Flower Garden CHARM
2520B white center SKU
WineGlassCHARM.jpg Wine Glass Charm
2996 SKU
WindmillStarCHARM.jpg Windmill Star CHARM
3024 SKU
StitchedFeatherCHARM.jpg Stitched Feather CHARM
3025 SKU
BraceletEasyOnSMALL.jpg Bracelet, Easy-On for large beads, 7 inch.
1033-7 SKU

Silver-plated “Easy-On” bracelet for large beads, 7 inch length for small wrists. 


BraceletEasyOnSMALL.jpg Bracelet, Easy-On for large beads, 7.5 inch.
1033-7.5 SKU

Silver-plated “Easy-On” bracelet for large beads, 7.5 inch length for average size wrists.  



BraceletEasyOnSMALL.jpg Bracelet, Easy-On for large beads, 8.5 inch.
1033-8.5 SKU

Silver-plated “Easy-On” bracelet for large beads, 8.5 inch length for larger wrists or for loose fit.   


1013CharmFob.jpg Fob for Charm
1013 SKU

 Add a charm to this little fob to make your own Charm Fob! 


These are example of fobs with charms added!  Charms are sold separately.

1000pinsavers.jpg Pin Savers (pack of 12)
1000 SKU

"Never loose a pin again!" 

KeyringLIGHTVertical.jpg.jpg Keyring, LIGHT Evening Star
1629D SKU
Ribbon Award Pin First Place.jpg Award Ribbon Pin 1st Place
17192A SKU
Award Ribbon Pin 2nd Place.jpg Award Ribbon Pin 2nd Place
17192B SKU
AwardRibbonPin3rdplace.jpg Award Ribbon Pin 3rd place
17192C SKU
1065pastpresident.jpg Past President Pin
1065 SKU
376wwhitecat.jpg White Cat Pin
376W SKU
376yyellowcat.jpg Yellow Cat Pin
376Y SKU
376bblackcat.jpg Black Cat Pin
376B SKU
14489catblock.jpg Green Cat Pin
14489 SKU
RoosterPin.jpg Rooster Pin
2424 SKU
1553roundtuit.jpg Round Tuit pin
1553 SKU
snowflakepin.jpg Snowflake pin
2202 SKU
sunflower.jpg Sunflower Pin
2126 SKU
890celticangel.jpg Celtic Angel Pin
890 SKU
CelticCrossPin.jpg Celtic Cross Pin
706 SKU
1363floralteapot.jpg Floral Teapot Pin
1363 SKU
689hummingbird.jpg Hummingbird Pin
689 SKU
GoldPinPal.jpg Lapel Pin Pal (gold plated)
1767G SKU

Converts any lapel pin into an eyeglass holder or badge holder!

NickelPinPal.jpg Lapel Pin Pal (nickel plated, silver color metal)
1767N SKU

Converts any lapel pin into an eyeglass holder or badge holder!

KokopelliPin.jpg Kokopelli
2423 SKU
15894flamingo.jpg Flamingo Pin
15894 SKU
708pinkdogwood.jpg Pink Dogwood Pin
708 SKU
goldPinBuddyadaptorfordanglebars.jpg Gold LAPEL PIN BUDDY adaptor for dangle bar
2104G SKU

Add a dangle bar to your favorite lapel pin with this adaptor!  

keyringcircle1032.jpg Keyring circle with ball ends and loop.
1032 SKU

Add a charm to make a perfect gift! click on image for more information.  CHARMS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. 

PatternLittlePinesCover.jpg Pattern, Little Pines Christmas Tree with template
1005-LP Little Pines Christmas Tree Pattern SKU



1005showpattern.jpg Pattern, Show Pin Quilt
1005 Show pin Pattern SKU


WhiteGlovePin.jpg White Glove PIN
3036 SKU

Recognize your employees or volunteers! click to read more

HuntersStarCharm Hunter's Star Charm
3099 SKU
SailboatCharm Sailboat Charm
3103 SKU
LongArmCharm Longarm Charm
3105 SKU
DogDachshundCharmBrown Dachshund Charm BROWN
3045A SKU
DogDachshundCharmblack Dachshund Charm BLACK
3045B SKU
DogBostonTerriorCharm Boston Terrier Charm
3043 SKU
2016LimitedEditionPin 2016 Limited Edition Pin
3107 SKU
kiltpin2inch Charm Holder, "Kilt Pin"
1034 SKU
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